Established in 1986, Pacific Standard Specialties, Inc. (PSS) is the exclusive manufacturer of SLOW PHOS®, a glassy polyphosphate used in the potable water industry, toll blender of custom chemical formulations, and a primary manufacturer of water treating polymers.


We are proud to service filter manufacturers, water treating companies and mining/drilling operations of all sizes throughout the US and around the world. With over 25 years of experience in solving water-treatment problems and the formulation of specialty products, PSS is your resource for quality formulations, blending and manufacturing needs. Not only do we partner with you for the best formulaic solutions, we offer competitive pricing and quick service.


Many of our products are NSF and ANSI certified, and we have resources to

manufacture and blend with NSF and food grade materials.


PSS is a wholly owned, independent and family operated corporation with a team of specialists to support the business.



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